'From experience, I’ve seen first-hand the value that the right partnerships can have on an organisation. At LegitFit we know that these relationships can help increase industry knowledge, raise brand awareness, and expand our horizons.'

- Tom Drew,
Strategic Partnerships Manager

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We’re keen to speak to organisations that will complement LegitFit’s values and match our ambition to scale into new and exciting markets and regions.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Collaboration in Everything We Do #StrongerTogether
  2. Superior Service at Every Step #DeliverHappiness
  3. Driving For Change and Betterment #InspireGrowth

”LegitFit is on a mission to make a meaningful impact on the fitness & wellness industry and what we’ve learnt over our journey is that we can achieve more when we work together. This was true when we started with our first customers, when we grew with our investors, and when we have scaled further with our partners.”

- Ryan O'Neill,
Co-Founder & CEO

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