'By working together, we can achieve much more'.

- Tom Drew,
Strategic Partnerships Manager

Let's Grow Together

LegitFit is delighted to be working with the following fantastic organisations to grow together and accelerate things in 2022 and help support fitness professionals build the best businesses they can.

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Businesses That Trust Us

Our leading software is everything you need to run & grow a successful business. Save time, stress less, and do more with LegitFit!

SAOR Consultancy

Guiding the fitness industry globally, SAOR consultancy specialises in the sales and service elements of a fitness brand. From increasing lead conversion, building sales confidence, mastering local area marketing, to business advice, SAOR is with you. LegitFit customers get great deals on their Fitness Business Management 101 course too!

Independent Gyms

The only dedicated community of independent fitness facilities across the UK and Ireland designed to improve the industry as a whole for gyms and the end consumers. LegitFit is now available to their 2,200+ members to help them better operate and grow their businesses.

Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA)

Considered the authority on marketing in the fitness industry, with some incredible results, FMA are integral in helping gym owners, personal trainers and coaches get more leads, sign new members and grow their business. FMA recognises LegitFit as the exclusive business management software provider for their hundreds of customers.


As the national governing body for group exercise, EMD UK is dedicated to achieving their vision of healthier communities through group exercise. They work with instructors, operators and organisations to provide help, support and advice. LegitFit is EMD UK’s strategic business software partner providing the perfect platform for instructors to manage their fitness businesses, classes and activities.

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