“LegitFit was founded on the basis of one key ambition: To create a greater experience for both businesses and enthusiasts of the fitness & wellness industry.”

Who We Are

LegitFit was founded through the collaboration of 2 fitness professionals and 2 industry enthusiasts. We as founders believed that the industry could become a lot more seamless from both a business's perspective, as well as a clients. The LegitFit platform officially launched in 2019, and we’ve since been helping fitness and wellness providers to manage and grow their business.

Concurrently, we’ve been making it easier for their clients to book into fitness and stay engaged through the platform. Our Mission at LegitFit is simple: We want to help fitness & wellness providers globally to streamline their day and enhance their service offerings. We believe that this, in turn, will lead to More Growth as a business... and hence... More Revenue and More Success!

Our Vision is:
To be the World's most customer-centric company and build something that truly impacts global fitness and wellness.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Collaboration in Everything We Do #StrongerTogether
  2. Superior Service at Every Step #DeliverHappiness
  3. Driving For Change and Betterment #InspireGrowth


LegitFit is helping the cultural shift towards independent fitness & wellness business owners! We believe that by equipping people with easy-to-use, affordable products, we can change the face of the fitness & wellness forever!

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Reviews From Real Businesses

KoCoon fitness logo.
Karl Curran
Owner, KoCoon Fitness

One of the best decisions I have made for KoCoon Fitness to swap to LegitFit in Dec 2020. The platform is incredibly easy to use and allows new customers get signed up in under 1 minute. They are also constantly adding new and improved features. Best of all their customer service is the best I've come across. Always there to help and constantly checking in without overdoing it.

John Tobin
Owner, JT Fitness

It’s been almost a year using LegitFit to run my gym and it’s helped us a huge amount!
I used to do things manually and they’ve taken away all that hassle from me and my staff.

LegitFit is user friendly, easy to navigate and most importantly affordable :) The customer service is excellent and the team are always at hand to help! I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to cut down on their admin!


Paul McGowan fitness logo.
Paul McGowan
Owner, Paul McGowan Fitness

I switched to LegitFit from Glofox as it was literally one tenth of the price. I kinda expected the quality and service to at a much lower level just like the price was but I was over the moon to find Legit Fit was very comparable. LegitFit does everything I needed to from manage bookings and taking payments to creating an attractive easy to use timetable. The customer services is amazing and unlike any other company. They actually call you to check how everything is going! I'm so glad to have discovered LegitFit. 🙌

Don Maguire Fitness logo.
Don Maguire
Owner, Don Maguire Fitness Gym

LegitFit adds an air of absolute magic to the way we do things here. We have a new bodybuilding style gym which is made all the more comfortable for the everyday John & Jane Doe to enter by the shear ease of access and brilliant UI that LegitFit provides. 10/10 would recommend to any fitness business.

Niamh Williams Fitness logo.
Niamh Williams
Owner, Niamh Williams Personal Training

I love this platform. It makes the technical side of things easy! Especially through lock down, making zoom classes very easy for me and clients as well. The guys at LegitFit are such a helpful and friendly team. Highly recommend using this platform!

Fitsquad gym logo.
Bonnie Coleman
Founder & Owner, FitSquad

If I could give 10 stars to this software I would. I’m actually more of a person who does things manually but as of covid pandemic I had to make some changes in my business. The guys taught and helped me a lot during this time and showed me how to use zoom for online classes, how to set payments for automation, etc.

I have been using this app for almost 5 months now and I found it very easy to use, affordable, and it’s been the best decision for myself and my business. I can’t recommend this software highly enough!



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