Comprehensive Reports

Take advantage of LegitFit's powerful reporting system for your gym or studio business

A laptop sat on a desk with the LegitFit interface open on itA laptop sat on a desk with the LegitFit interface open on it

Be Informed In An Instant So Your Business Can Grow

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Conor - CK Fitness

"I moved to LegitFit from a competitor. I found the transition seamless."

The interface is very simple and that's its greatest strength. My customers find it easy to use and reliable which was a problem with my previous supplier.

Some new features such as monthly recurring revenue and average client value are great as quick financial markers to get a snapshot of business performance. Overall I'm very happy with the product and will continue to be a customer into the future.


Convert, Maintain & Retain

Track signups and new members. Automate key touch points to help you sign up new members. Learn more about your most popular classes, your most active members, and everything else about your business. Monitor members who are slipping away, drops in attendances, reduce no shows and membership cancellations. All with our advanced reporting system.

Business Reporting Features

Know Your High Value Members

Find you Best Customers. Know ho attends your classes the most. This information is useful to identify your highest value customers and target them appropriately.

Reduce Drop Off Rates

Identify the No-Shows. Break down everyone who didn’t show for class, so you can identify those who may be dropping off and discover why.

Keep Track Of Everyone

Find the Expiring Packages. What member's package is due to expire? Easily track this and make sure you keep on top of things with LegitFit!

Work Smart & Give Members What They Want

What are the most Popular Classes? Is there now space in the calendar for more of these?

Plan Into The Future

Generate your booking, attendance, and payment reports Over Any Date Period You Wish.

Take Your Data Anywhere

Export your Reports. Download any booking, attendance, and payment reports you wish with one click!