Membership Management Software For Your Gym and Studio

Your all-in-one solution for members management.

A personal trainer coaching her client through a stretchA personal trainer coaching her client through a stretch

Deliver An Unrivaled Customer Experience

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LegitFit has helped us to cut down on countless admin hours.

LegitFit has transformed how we run our business. The booking system is incredibly easy to use and efficient for our trainers and most importantly our members. Member feedback has been 100% positive. The payment system has increased our monthly recurring revenue and our Pay-As-You-Go sales are also up.


Personalise Communication

Every member gets their own personal account, which you can engage with at any time to make sure they’re getting that unrivaled service. Contact them, check in on them, know what service they're on, know what goals they have... all from your phone. Members can log into their accounts and manage their memberships, send you direct messages, book classes, and even reschedule with a few clicks. LegitFit is a powerful gym membership software designed for a better member experience.

Membership Management Features

Seamless Setup

Set Up and Paying in 3 Simple Steps. Add your members to create their account, and they're signed up and paying for your service in 3 simple steps!

Expand Your Tool Belt

Set up Multiple Services. Give your members add-on services and ensure they've access to the sessions they want to join.

Never Lose A Member

With Membership Holds you can easily freeze memberships for any holidays or leave they might have. Give your members peace of mind when they go on holiday!

Know Your Best Members... And Your Worst

See who has the Highest Spend and Attendance Rates at the click of a button. This can help you prioritize members and address those that may be dropping off.

Bring In New Members for Free

Set up Free or Paid Trials for your services in an instant. Giving you the freedom to entice new customers at the click of a button.

Save Time On Payments

All memberships are Paid Automatically. No more chasing up on payments and no more selling to members you know want to come back!

Keep Track Of Everything

Use our Analytics to keep track of payments, bookings, attendances, & all your other services.

Easily Transfer Members From Existing Apps

Leave it to us. We'll take care of the most time-consuming part when switching over! Our team will help import your existing memberships and packages, freeing up your time and ensuring a smooth transition.