The UK Fitness Industry: Forging Partnerships and Growing Stronger

LEGIT-FLIX Episode 3

When we launched LegitFit in 2019, our gym management software was a hit with the Irish fitness community and allowed us to gain major traction on home soil. In 2022, we ventured into the UK market and decided to document our journey. At LegitFit, we're known for going all out, so a few Instagram posts simply weren't going to do the experience justice.
Enter Legit-Flix; our behind-the-scenes vlog/docuseries, giving you a peek behind the curtain of our run from plucky start-up to eventual global market leader (y’heard it here first 😉)

Why the UK?

Expanding into the UK was a natural next step for us. Our neighbour’s vast, ever-growing fitness & wellness industry offered a world of opportunities that we couldn't ignore. However, expanding into a market of this magnitude isn't just about re-targeting ads to different territories. We knew we needed a strategic approach to establish ourselves and make a real impact. First, two of our founders; Ryan and Gearoid moved to Manchester to get “boots on the ground”. See Legit-Flix episode one (the Phantom Menace…. only joking) for the whole story there!

The Importance of Partnerships

Our expertise lies in gym and studio management software, but we also understand that building a successful fitness or wellness business involves numerous facets. To excel in this dynamic industry, we've set our sights on partnering with the best in their respective fields, whether it's marketing, business development, e-commerce, or any other crucial area.

Connecting with the Fitness Marketing Agency

One of our key partners has been the Fitness Marketing Agency, a team of specialists dedicated to helping fitness professionals gain new leads and grow their customer base. In June 2022, we met in person for the first time at their HQ in London. We got a firsthand look at their operations, engaged in insightful discussions, and collaborated to create training some content for their clients. Our alignment with FMA was a powerful move that perfectly matched our goal of providing comprehensive support to fitness and wellness businesses.

Elevate 2022

We also made our presence felt at Elevate, one of the UK's premier fitness events held at the Excel Arena in London. This event offered a space for fitness professionals to connect with various businesses that could help them on their journey. For us, Elevate was about identifying potential partners who could complement our offerings and enhance the experience for our clients. Day one was full of success. Day 2… well, you’ll see.

FMA's Mastermind: A Valuable Gathering

Our journey concluded with FMA's own Mastermind event - hosted in Manchester, a city that was quickly starting to feel like our second home. These events, organised periodically throughout the year at locations across the UK and Ireland, provide gym owners and personal trainers with access to panel discussions and seminars led by thought leaders in the industry. Attendees also have the opportunity to meet FMA's various partners, including us. Again, we like to go the extra mile… so this event saw the birth of Legit Lattés - our extra special iced coffees, brewed to spark conversation and quench thirst on even the hottest of summer days.

A Promising Future

As we march forward, learning and adapting to what is currently a turbulent market, our mission remains constant: to make the lives of fitness and wellness professionals easier and more successful. We are thrilled to be a part of this vibrant industry, and we're eager to share our journey with you.

We recently filmed a new batch of visits to our UK customers, so keep your eyes peeled for those on our social channels over the coming months!