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LEGIT-FLIX Episode 1

When we launched LegitFit in 2019, our gym management software little baby came sprinting out of the gates, grew wings and took flight. Definitely a challenging period for our team, but we were (and still are) thrilled and grateful for such rapid growth.

Now, we've expanded into the UK, launched our very own website builder, and grown our team. And it would be a crying shame not to document this crazy journey. The thing is, when we decide to do something, we tend to go all out - we can't help ourselves. A few pictures and clips on Instagram weren't quite going to cut it, so...

Introducing Legit-Flix! What started as an idea for a casual vlog soon turned into something a little more ambitious. In this video series, we want to bring you right into the belly of the LegitFit beast, taking you with us as we venture through the endless challenges of the start-up world. Our goal is to become the best, biggest, and most customer-centric company in the fitness and wellness industry.

Episode 1 kicks off in Manchester with LegitFit CEO Ryan O'Neill and CTO Gearoid Collins having recently moved to the city to "be on the ground" as we establish ourselves in the UK.

"From the start, it was all about learning from the businesses, especially their challenges and pain points". - Ryan O'Neill, LegitFit CEO

The key to our success so far is that every step of the way, we have listened to the fitness and wellness professionals themselves. We did this in Ireland to great effect, visiting professionals up and down the country to build relationships and understand their needs, future aspirations and challenges.

As we continue to pay close attention to our customers, we want our products to really help you run and grow your business. While also freeing you up to focus on the activities you enjoy. We are here in the trenches with you, shovel in hand, ready to work. Now, we rinse and repeat - UK style.

"That's the only way you can learn directly from the customers and build a better product than what's out there". - Ryan O'Neill, LegitFit CEO

We hope you enjoy the video. Episode 2 is coming soon. Subscribe to stay tuned. 👀🍿


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