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No place like home! Checking in with our Irish customers

LEGIT-FLIX Episode 2

When we first introduced Legit-Flix, our exciting behind-the-scenes video series, we brought you on our journey of venturing into the UK market. Now, we want to bring you back with us to our roots... in Ireland. A few years back, when LegitFit was still an idea being shaped, our founders took part in an incubation programme that would forever change things. 

"Ireland is really what made this company." - Brad, Brand Specialist at LegitFit.

IGNITE is a comprehensive programme for founders working full-time on their start-ups. With workshops, seminars, plenty of brilliant guest speakers and mentoring, the programme is open to recent graduates in any discipline from any 3rd-level institution in Ireland. Top tip: applications for the next IGNITE programme commencing January 2023 are still open.

During the incubation period, Eamon Curtin, the programme director, was a massive influence on the young founders. One of his biggest lessons was the importance of getting out there to talk to people, and truly understand the fitness market, their needs, ambitions and challenges. Eamon's piece of wisdom got so ingrained into the LegitFit DNA that to this date, we are still curious and we have never stopped connecting with people.

In this second episode, we take you on a short road trip around Ireland, visiting six of our wonderful customers. With different facilities, training styles and business models, they all share one thing: the passion for their work and community. We hope you also get inspired after seeing their efforts for a happier and healthier world. 

The superheroes featured in Legit-Flix Episode 2:

Insanity Fit Zone

Ran by a stalwart of the Irish fitness industry, Mark Lacey, Insanity Fit Zone is one of the most established gyms in Dublin. Based in Palmerstown, the studio focuses on functional group training and is one of two facilities they operate in the area. Its distinct, Bronx-inspired graffiti walls catch the eye immediately, bringing the room to life and creating an all-action atmosphere – not unhelpful for those 5:30 am classes! To Mark, building that inclusive community feeling is what it’s all about.


One of the few Irish fitness providers who prioritise outdoor training, FitFor45 offers a varied range of strength & cardiovascular classes thanks to its diverse line-up of coaches. The company name refers to the 45-minute duration of each class rather than any kind of age requirement, a common misconception according to owner Jack Tuite. Jack himself has had a noteworthy journey in sport & fitness, signing as a professional footballer for Derby County at age 16 before pivoting into the world of strength & conditioning. As another busy owner of a multi-location business (Lucan & Ashbourne), he spoke on the importance of automation in his daily life – something we’re delighted we can help with!

B-Fit B-You Fitness

On a weekday evening in Tallaght, Dublin, music pumps out from a local community school hall. This is B-Fit B-You. Owner and Head Coach Gary Roberts has a clear ethos that he and his team communicate to their members; “Be fit but do it your way”. These group classes cater to people of all fitness levels, ages, and lifestyles. For the coaches, the goal is first & foremost to provide an enjoyable fitness experience, helping members integrate health & nutrition into their lives without having to ban tasty food or live like an Olympian.


A three-location chain of commercial gyms, FBT has taken a major foothold in each of its local communities (Coolock, Swords, Drogheda). Owner Thom Hemp says that where FBT separates itself from its competitors is through a focus on cultivating a sense of belonging for its members. Despite being an open gym that utilises our QR scanner for self-check-in, there’s always someone at reception to greet members and make them feel at home. Having travelled the world during his time in the military & as a personal bodyguard, Thom developed a fascination for how diverse people’s approaches to fitness can be. This is reflected in the culture at FBT. “We don’t specifically target bodybuilders, we don’t specifically target powerlifters although we have both in the gym. It’s a gym for your everyday person.”

Urban Fitness

One of our earliest customers, this Dun Laoghaire-based studio help locals transform their bodies through group, small-group & personal training. On first look, you might be forgiven for thinking this was a training space reserved for elite athletes, but as manager Rob Smith notes, they “take everyone in as a complete beginner”. The focus is on healthy, incremental progress. This is achieved through an emphasis on developing proper lifting techniques, while progress is carefully tracked and backed up by in-house body scans at 6-week intervals. It was a pleasure to listen as Rob recounted the day he signed up with LegitFit, won over by Ryan’s front-foot approach of arriving unannounced and pitching to him in person.

XcelR8 Health and Fitness

We hadn’t quite had our fill of nostalgia just yet, so we rounded out the trip where it all began - Cork City. Linking up with Ian, we paid a visit to one of the first people he signed up: Ger Cahill of Xceler8 Health & Fitness. Since opening as a fitness-focused gym 10 years ago, Ger has adapted his services to suit the ever-changing nature of the industry. Now, he specialises in sports injury rehabilitation, recovery & physical therapy – and is no longer relying on pen, paper & goodwill to track memberships… the least we can do in exchange for his long-lasting support.

"Where I get my satisfaction out of is actually helping businesses grow and achieve their potential. I care more about my customers' success than their money." - Ian, CCO at LegitFit.

We hope you enjoy the video. Episode 3 is coming soon. Subscribe to stay tuned. 👀🍿