Communication Management Tools For Your Business

Manage your communications with our email reminders. We can help you to reduce your no-shows and increase your re-bookings with our powerful tools!

A personal trainer coaching their client on how to use battle ropesA personal trainer coaching their client on how to use battle ropes

Manage Member Communication

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Build Your Community

Setup and create group chats between you and your members. Help keep them motivated by joining member groups who all share the same fitness goals.

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Fitlinks team

"The platform is extremely  easy to use and has come in very handy for our members."

We have been with LegitFit for the last 6 months, the team have been very helpful & supportive. The platform is extremely easy to use and very handy for our members. It has become and extremely valuable tool for us to have at our disposal.


Keep Everyone In The Loop

Create a broadcast group and send a message out to multiple contacts at once. Keep all of your members informed and engaged by updating them on any news or offers you have! By dealing with all of your members on our easy to use platform you avoid any confusion and save time.

Communication Features

Reduce No-Shows

Automated Emails and Confirmations allows you to boost numbers and reduce no-shows. Automate payment reminders and prompt members weekly to book in!

Reach Members Easily

Use our Instant Messaging feature for inbound and outbound communication to help with member management, speeding up interactions and saving you time! 

Talk To Everyone At Once

Broadcasts allows you to Send Out Mass Emails to all your members to communicate any news or updates!

Have Your Own Digital Receptionist

Automated Waiting Lists allows members to join waiting lists for fully booked classes. When a spot opens up, we’ll notify them automatically.

Effortlessly Run Groups

Group Messaging (Coming Soon) will allow you to communicate with specific member groups easily in one place, avoiding confusion and saving you time.

Utilise Other Tools

Zapier (Coming Soon) enables you to integrate with some of the best email marketing tools to get the most out of your outreach.