Co-Founder & CEO — Ryan O’ Neill

The What & The Why (Blog 1)

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been meaning to start this blogging thingy for a while now, but never really got the chance to do it with all thats been going on over the past year and a bit. Here I finally am though, sitting in a local Starbucks, ready to introduce myself and LEGIT FIT to the eWorld.

If you don’t know me or us already — which you probably don’t — that’s fine… that’s why we’re writing this. My name is Ryan O’ Neill, and I am one of the founders of a new Cork-based Software Company called LEGIT FIT. At LEGIT FIT, we help Independent Fitness Professionals to grow & manage their business. We do this through an online cloud-based platform that integrates several tools & systems allowing fitness professionals to run a more effective, efficient and successful business. Now thats v1.0 of the platform, and a very high-level view at that. We do have a lot more (what I like to call) “back of the book” ideas coming down the road soon - so stay tuned! (especially if you’re on the consumer side of the market).

If you’re interested in seeing more about my journey you can click on the video below. To keep up to date with the business’s journey- you can follow us on Instagram. Otherwise, head to the next section where I discuss what we’ll be writing about!

What we’re going to be writing about?

We basically want to write about stuff that's going to help people who are looking to start their own business, or perhaps, already have their own business but want to progress it further. This is a really fantastic area for us to write about for 2 reasons:

We’ve spent the last 2 years in a Startup, and along the way, we’ve learnt an incredible amount across a hugely diverse range of topics: from sales and marketing to planning & strategy, and everything in between.

Over this 2 year period, we’ve also managed to develop a fantastic network, and we plan on using this network to post about topics that would interest this audience.

Anyway, with that being said, For the next couple of blogs, we’ll be focusing on the following topics…

Starting Up

Marketing (Especially Social Media Marketing)

Sales and Selling Techniques

If you’ve any other topics or areas of interest just let us know in the comments section below!

The Why

This blog will hopefully allow us to connect with the people who we are trying to help - independent pros. As mentioned above, LEGIT FIT’s target market is independent fitness professionals… and in my thoughts, this is pretty much identical to independent business professionals. So not only can we help and support our business’s target market, but also these Independent Business Pros, these self-starters and entrepreneurs of the world. The us of yesterday (and today really), and the founders/CEOs of tomorrow.

Thanks for reading this far and we hope you enjoyed this short intro to our blog. Don’t forget the click the follow button for next week's blog.

“Keep on, keepin’ on”