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LegitFit partners with FBDA

We are delighted to announce a new partnership between LegitFit and Fitness Business Development Academy (FBDA)! 

The partnership between FBDA and LegitFit is a natural fit, as both companies share a commitment to helping fitness entrepreneurs succeed. By combining FBDA's expertise in business coaching and education with LegitFit's powerful management software, the partnership will provide fitness professionals with the resources they need to grow and scale their businesses.

Who are LegitFit?

LegitFit is the all-in-one fitness management solution, founded through the collaboration of 2 fitness professionals and 2 industry enthusiasts. Our founders believed that the industry could become a lot more seamless from both a business's perspective, as well as a client's. The LegitFit gym management platform officially launched in 2019. We provide a comprehensive fitness software solution designed to help gym owners streamline their business operations and increase their revenue.

With our software, fitness studio owners can: 

-> Manage their client database 

-> Schedule classes and appointments

-> Process payments

LegitFit is one of the leading gym management software companies in the industry, serving hundreds of clients across the world. The software also includes features such as branded apps, automated waitlists, attendance tracking and many more.

“Our mission is simple - We want to help fitness & wellness providers globally to streamline their day and enhance their service offerings. The FBDA has a great track record in helping fitness businesses grow, so getting their expertise for our community was the best decision we could make. We’re also eager to help their community grow further by providing them with our all-in-one fitness management software.” - Ryan O’Neil, CEO of LegitFit

Who are FBDA?

FBDA is a leading provider of business coaching and education for fitness professionals, helping them start and grow successful businesses. With years of experience in the industry, FBDA has helped countless fitness professionals achieve their goals and make their businesses thrive.

They offer coaching for new business owners to get the most value possible out of their business. If you love what you do but feel like you're working endless hours, struggling to create real profits and can sense your health and relationships are suffering - it doesn't need to be this way! 

Establishing a fitness business that works for you rather than you working for it requires a different skill set than just being a good coach. The FBDA have a proven process that has helped many fitness business owners as they go from business despair to full repair. 

"We're thrilled to partner with LegitFit. Their software is an essential tool for fitness entrepreneurs and we believe that by combining our expertise with their technology, we can help our clients achieve even greater success." - Nicky Sehgal, Founder of FBDA

What’s in it for you?

For LegitFit customers

We understand that operating a fitness business without the correct knowledge can be a risky strategy.  Being a great business owner requires a different skill set than being a great fitness professional.

If you want to get more clarity, make more profits and make a greater impact in your business, the FBDA is offering a FREE 30-Day Coaching Experience* (worth £594) exclusive to LegitFit customers. 

Over the 30 days, they will help you with the following - 

-> A complete business diagnostics assessment to help identify what areas of your business need the most attention.

-> Help you set a clear direction so you can have a clear work plan every day rather than overthinking and getting nothing done. 

-> Help you overcome any mental roadblocks through the 1% rule which will help build your confidence as the leader of your organisation 

-> Being held to account for making decisions and getting the right work, in the right order complete

To get started with the FBDA and learn more about this offer, follow the instructions on the page here

*Note: This offer is valid only for new customers.

For the FBDA customers

You’ve already taken the first step by joining the FBDA and improving your fitness business growth. To help take your business to the next level with an easy-to-use, all-in-one management software we are offering a 50% discount* (save up to £750) exclusively for FBDA customers. Don’t forget to use the discount code: FB50DA when you speak with our talented product specialists. 

The LegitFit management software empowers you to save admin time and focus on what really matters. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours to help you automate your busy workload, reduce cancellations and improve your customers’ experience. Some milestones reached by our customers:

-> 60% annual revenue growth

-> £10k saved due to the reduced admin work

-> 20% fewer cancellations & no shows

Click here to book a call with our product specialists and start your fitness business journey with LegitFit! 

*Note: This offer is valid only for new customers.