Learn From The Pros (Part 1)

If you’re thinking about creating a Fitness Business (or maybe already own one), who better to learn from than some of the most successful businesses using LEGIT FIT!

In this series, we asked some outstanding customers to tell us about their experience setting up a business and what they learned along the way. Thank you Howling Heart Fitness for sharing these insights!

From the start, we spoke to other business owners as much as we could,
especially those who had been through a recession or two, they gave us
information that no business course could provide!

We learned to keep a constant eye on our finances and get educated on how revenue works. We thought we had it made after the first year until
we learned about all the hidden taxes that we had to pay in year two!

Investing sensibly is important. Clients will notice if you are improving your premises all the time and giving them a better service. They also notice if the place is kept clean and tidy — so we try to keep on top of that as much as possible.

After the first year, we learned to watch for the trends in our trading year. For us, a busy January to April leads into a lean summer period so we had to prepare for this financially… and not panic. When you have a quiet spell, use this to take much needed time off or to work on some development projects to keep you moving forward.

Look after the clients you have, check-in with them regularly and ensure they are happy. Retention is much easier than recruitment in the long run. We’ve found that a simple text can bring back a client who has lost interest, or is thinking about going somewhere else, and gives them a new focus.

Lastly, don’t take yourself too seriously! Whether we think it or not,
your business is just a job, so take it in your stride and your vibes will
pass on to your clients :)

Thank you Howling Heart!