Brad Byrne

It's Time to Switch to LegitFit

At LegitFit we have always focused on what matters, feedback from our customers. Every new feature we add is designed to move the needle for you the business owner while being user-friendly, with no complicated unnecessary clutter. We aim to make you as efficient as possible by cutting down your admin tasks so you can have more time. This can have the effect of cutting costs by up to 50% by helping you to reduce churn and grow your fitness business! We understand that your time is the most valuable resource that you have so we want to give it back to you.

How we save you time 

Let's get straight to the point, how exactly is it that we are going to save you time? Through our research, we identified precisely where fitness business owners at various stages of their careers spend their time. Those without a gym management software are left chasing customers for payment, trying to constantly fill classes and communicating with their members through every platform imaginable should something go wrong. That’s where we can help. We have designed LegitFit to focus on optimizing these areas to automate as much as possible. All this while keeping that personal touch, so you can maintain that sense of community that you worked so hard to foster while utilising a gym booking software. 

Top-class support when you need it 

We all know the feeling of waiting on the phone for hours trying to get a hold of someone to speak to. It can be frustrating and a major cause of unnecessary stress. That is exactly why we have made good customer service one of the key pillars of our business. We have specially trained customer service representatives on hand to handle any issue you may have, making it extremely easy for you to get your issue resolved. Check it out for yourself, there is a reason we are rated 5-stars by over 650 gyms and studios! 

Seamless client management 

Through our user-friendly timetable, you will be able to schedule your fitness classes and allow your customers to book sessions online. We have added a variety of tools to help ensure that these classes fill up. Each class once full will have a waiting list so should someone decide to drop out their slot will automatically be filled, this helps reduce no-shows. We also have you covered in the area of client tracking, storing personal information on each client on LegitFit. This will give you the ability to keep track of injury history, special requests and still offer that personalised experience at scale. 

Analytics designed for you

Another huge time sink for gym/studio owners is analysing their fitness business to help them make more informed decisions. This can mean sifting through months of client & payment data, drowning in a sea of numbers with no clear direction. To combat this we have a custom algorithm that takes your data and presents it in a user-friendly dashboard. 

This means that at a glance you will be able to see the current state of your fitness business and identify trends with little to no work on your end. One area where this can be particularly useful is client retention. With our software you can track client attendance and spot any clients who are at risk of dropping off. This will allow you to reach out to them to try and keep them with your business.

One last thing...

So you have heard all of the ways that we can save you time using our gym management software. Freeing you up to do just about anything you want. Be it spending time with your family, walking your dog or even working on expanding other aspects of your fitness business the choice is yours! Leave the boring admin up to us so you can get back to doing what you do best. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can save time, book in with one of our friendly product specialist for a free demo! You can also stay tuned to all our exclusive content by filling out the form below: