Introducing Wellbeing Fitness as LegitFit's New Partner: A Win-Win for Fitness Professionals

At LegitFit, we're thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the esteemed Wellbeing Fitness, an education centre that not only empowers fitness professionals but also opens up new revenue streams for your business

Over eight years ago, Wellbeing Fitness embarked on a mission to revolutionise the fitness education landscape. With a team led by Ian Spiby, a former university lecturer with three decades of industry experience, Wellbeing Fitness established itself as a hub for excellence in fitness training. And through their Level 3 Personal Training Academy, you can elevate your fitness business and boost your annual revenue by an impressive 40-80 thousand - yes, you read it right!

Discover the benefits of adding a Level 3 Personal Training Academy to your fitness business

Enhance Profits: Adding an extra revenue stream has never been easier. Wellbeing Fitness's approach can help you substantially increase your yearly earnings, giving your business the financial boost it deserves.

Recruitment Simplified: With the Personal Training Academy, you not only have the opportunity to recruit new staff but also to screen them beforehand. This streamlined process ensures you find the best candidates for your fitness facility.

Lead the Pack: Setting yourself apart from competitors is crucial in the fitness industry. Having an on-site Education Academy linked to your business places you at the forefront, demonstrating your commitment to excellence and professional development.

Maximise Downtime: Explore your facility's downtime effectively by scheduling the training course when your fitness facility is underutilised. Maximising your resources and ensuring optimal productivity.

Join the LegitFit community too!

We believe in the power of collaboration, fostering a strong and supportive fitness and wellness community. We're partners in your growth and success story. As your partner, we offer a comprehensive gym and studio management solution that streamlines operations, saves you time, and ensures the smooth functioning of your fitness business.

As we extend our warm welcome to the Wellbeing Fitness community, we invite you to take advantage of the exclusive 50% discount offer by signing up before 31st December 2023 using the code WB50OFF. It's time to switch to a software you love.