How To Grow Your Fitness Business in 2020- Part 1

For the past several months - and years at this stage really 😬 👴🏻- we’ve been focusing on growing our online software business LEGIT FIT.

During this time, we’ve managed to gain a huge amount of insight into the fitness industry from customers, industry professionals and/or online sources. With all the blood, sweat and tears a startup definitely brings, it also brings a massive amount of support from others — and it's through this support and openness that we’ve thankfully been able to learn so much from people.

Now we feel it’s our time to ‘pay it forward’, and that’s why we’ve decided to put together a few tips & tricks to help you make a positive change to your business in 2020!

For ease and learning purposes, we’ve decided to segregate these tips into 4 separate pillars — the pillars of success if you will 😉

This week, we’ll just look at Pillar #1 — Marketing.

Pillar 1 — Marketing or “How you get found”

Get into Social Media Marketing
In 2020, this is a bit of a duh... but you’d really be amazed at how much people don’t pay attention to their business's social media. Social media marketing is absolutely key to growing your business if don’t believe me, well, here’s one stat to show you why you should…

97% of adults between the ages 16–64 say they logged onto at least one social network in the past month.

So yes, you need to be on social media these days if you want to grow your fitness business. But what social media platform do you need to be on? This is a big question we often get asked at our marketing events, and the answer really depends on what market you’re targetting.

For us, it’s Facebook — our ideal customer usually hangs about here in their free time. For you… well… First, you have to find out what your ideal customer actually looks like (age, gender, profession, income level, etc.), then, on the basis of this information, you can probably easily find where they might be online (or maybe offline). It may be…

Facebook for older/gen pop

Instagram for younger to ages

LinkedIn for corporate gigs/business professionals

Tik Tok if you’re looking at a younger market as it’s experiencing huge growth

Get into Social Media Ads
We talked about social media marketing in general, but to really accelerate growth - you need to start paid ads. Don’t have enough money? Well, you do! Sometimes you just have to spend money to make money. Cut back on that one €6 Starbucks coffee and put it into your business instead. Even €5 a day can give great ROI’s in Facebook advertising. We signed up several people in December from a very simple campaign using €5/day as the budget. The return for us was over €1,000…so far.

To get set up on Facebook/Instagram ads we recommend watching this tutorial or joining us at one of our business events. Whatever you decide to do… just make sure to measure everything and look into a few of the following: split testing, lookalike audiences, Facebook’s Pixel and retargeting.

Provide High-Quality Free Content

If you want to become a fitness marketing expert and grow your gym or personal training business, you need to provide high quality free educational content to your audience. Why? Because this is an opportunity for you to market your expertise on top of delivering exceptional value to your target audience and prospective clients. Some methods to market your expertise and provide free quality content is:

  • Create a health and fitness blog on your website
  • Create educational content on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Create educational YouTube videos
  • Create a free weekly Webinar for Consults or Tips (Check out for this)

After trying some of the above you’ll figure out what’s working best i.e. what’s bringing in the most clients (again tracking is key here). Then you just need to repeat that channel again and again and again and again…

Utilize Testimonials and Transformations
In our view, testimonials and transformations are one of my biggest assets of any business. Why? Testimonials establish credibility and people generally trust other people’s opinions about a business rather than yours. Try to gather testimonials from your current clients and this will truly market your fitness business.

Also, take a look at Provesource. We use this on our website to establish social proof.

Automation is King 👑

Now you’ll hear this a few more times in this series… but it’s SO SO SO SO SO SO IMPORTANT!!!

Most of the time we find that people can’t grow their business because they’re so “busy” or “snowed under” from what they’re currently doing… That’s why people need to take a step back and review what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Often you can automate things… and here’s a few tools we use to do that! for social media scheduling

Mailchimp for emails marketing(which we also schedule through sequencing)

Zapier for all kinds of automation (e.g. registering your interest, demos signups, etc.) for business admin and payments (yes that's a shameless plug 😅)

That’s all for this week folks! Tune in next week to see what we’ve learnt along the road to gaining over 100 customers!

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