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Everything You Need To Know About The GoFyt Acquisition

If you're wondering what exactly does this Acquisition mean for you and your business... well... you're in the right place!

Having experienced rapid growth over the last three years, it's important for us to create resources for our valued customers (and others) to inform you of any activities/plans we have for the future of LegitFit. Let's start with the basics on this exciting update!

About GoFyt

Founded in 2017 By Andrew McCracken, Timmy Crowe & Jason Harvey

GoFyt ('Go find your trainer') is a simple web and mobile marketplace that connects users to health & fitness providers that is locatable, affordable and available. It is also an efficient way for the health & fitness service provider to manage their business online. Think Airbnb... but for the heath & fitness industry. Typical GoFyt customers are personal trainers, physiotherapists, group trainers, podiatrists, sports masseurs and nutritionists.

GoFyt was the brain child of Jason Harvey, Andrew McCracken & Timmy Crowe. Jason & Timmy competed for Ireland in 400m Hurdles and 400m respectively. Jason picked up an injury three days before he was set to represent Ireland in the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow. Despite exhausting his network of contacts within the sport he couldn’t find the sports massage therapist he needed even with his professional network. Timmy also experienced this problem first hand, he struggled to find a health & fitness professional at a location, at a specific time for a set price. This lead to the birth of GoFyt.

About LegitFit

Founded in 2019 By Ryan O' Neill,  Ian O' Sullivan & Gearoid Collins

LegitFit’s platform empowers fitness entrepreneurs to succeed by automating their workflows, reducing cancellations and maximising their customers’ experience. The company believes that those who help people achieve their health & fitness goals deserve to be empowered to manage less, and earn more.

Since launching in 2019 the founders (2 ex-personal trainers and 1 experienced software engineer) have grown the business to become a market leader in Ireland in less than 2 years and are now backed by Enterprise Ireland and Techstars. To find out more you can follow them on LinkedIn.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Superior Service at Every Step #DeliverHappiness
  2. Driving For Change and Betterment #InspireGrowth
  3. Collaboration in Everything We Do #StrongerTogether

Our Vision is:

'To be the World's most customer-centric company and build something that truly impacts global fitness and wellness.'

Information on the Acquisition:  

When is it happening?

The official launch date for the acquisition is Thursday, August 26th.

What does this mean for your business?

You'll see no major changes on your end on either platform but the LegitFit/GoFyt Team will be reaching out soon! There will also be some slight changes with regards to how to contact GoFyt and what social channels will be in use, but this will all be communicated before launch day once we get everything sorted on our end.

Where do I go if I have any further questions?

If you are currently using GoFYT (or not) and want to learn more about how LegitFit can help please reach out to our amazing team here.

Alternatively feel free to contact us on any of our social media accounts:





So... What's Next?

We are committed to ensuring that this transition is smooth for all of our customers. In a statement, GoFyt founder Andrew McCracken said:

'At GoFyt we are developing and building a one stop shop health and fitness marketplace, we are strong in marketing and design, the team at LegitFit had refined focus and all the other complimentary skills combined with impressive momentum despite operating throughout a pandemic. Both GoFyt and LegitFit complement each other in outlook, vision and energy, It made sense to join them and help them further their efforts. Ryan and the team have both incredible vision and drive, we are excited to help them go from strength to strength!'- Andrew McCracken

Co-founder and CEO of LegitFit Ryan O'Neill also had a comment on the move:

“We have a major vision for the company here at LegitFit, and moreover, for the industry as a whole. With this acquisition, we believe that we’re going to be able to support thousands of more fitness entrepreneurs across the world to start-up and scale-up successful businesses with our all-in-one management software”. 

Going forward we will be making as little changes on the customer facing side of both businesses as possible. This is to avoid any confusion or disruptions over the coming weeks. We will slowly be reaching out to GoFyt customers to communicate with you every step of the way and to provide clear guidance on exactly what we are doing and how it will affect you.