Essential AI tools for gyms & studios to maximise efficiency

The day-to-day routine of running a fitness business while constantly striving to optimise operations and deliver exceptional experiences for your members is a very time-consuming task - some might even say it's a daunting one! A game-changer that's revolutionising industries, including the fitness sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, which ones can truly benefit your gym or studio? We're here to guide you through the best AI options, helping you navigate the exciting world of AI-powered business management.

Content creation made easy

If you struggle to find time to update your studio's social media pages, you can use AI to easily generate engaging content to keep your audience engaged. Imagine crafting engaging social media posts, newsletters, and website content without breaking a sweat. AI content creation tools like Jasper and take the grunt work out of content marketing. Simply provide a few keywords or a topic, and these AI wizards generate creative and captivating content, saving you valuable time and effort.

Stay organised with AI task management

AI task and project management tools like Asana,, and BeeDone streamline your workflow and stay organised. Easily manage everything from equipment maintenance schedules to staff training agendas. These intelligent assistants automate repetitive tasks, set reminders, and track deadlines, ensuring you never miss a beat. 

Keep up the momentum with smart chatbots

Imagine a tireless, 24/7 assistant answering member inquiries, scheduling appointments, and promoting loyalty programs. AI chatbots like Gemini, ChatGPT, Claude 2, and Bing AI can handle basic interactions, allowing potential members to connect with the studio instantly and freeing up your staff's time for more complex tasks. They can also provide personalised recommendations and answer frequently asked questions, enhancing the member experience.

Unleash the power of visual AI

DALL-E 2 and Crayon are two powerful AI tools that can revolutionise your marketing and branding strategy. DALL-E 2 generates high-quality, unique images based on your descriptions, perfect for creating eye-catching social media posts, website visuals, and even custom merchandise. Crayon personalises marketing materials and recommendations based on member preferences and data, fostering a sense of individual attention and enhancing member retention. Imagine creating personalised workout plans via LegitFit’s online programming feature with corresponding infographics showcasing the exercises. You can make the plans visually appealing and improve member understanding and engagement.

Enhance your gym & studio HR experience

BambooHR provides an HR platform with AI-driven functionalities like onboarding automation, performance reviews, and employee engagement surveys, freeing up HR staff for more strategic tasks. Workday People Experience is an AI-powered HR platform offering features like skills identification, career path recommendations, and talent acquisition insights, helping you build a strong and engaged team.

Streamline operations with business management tools

HubSpot offers a comprehensive CRM platform with marketing, sales, and service automation features, powered by AI tools for lead scoring, customer service chatbots, and marketing analytics. Zoho Desk provides a cloud-based helpdesk solution with AI-powered features like chatbots, sentiment analysis, and ticket routing. 

Zapier is an automation platform that integrates various business tools through AI-powered workflows, streamlining processes like scheduling, invoicing, and data management. Did you know you can integrate LegitFit with other tools like MailChimp with Zapier? Reach out to us to learn more on how this can work. 

Choosing the right AI tool

While AI offers a wealth of potential benefits, it's crucial to approach it with a cautious and informed perspective. Here are some key considerations:


  • Increased efficiency: AI automates tasks, freeing up your time and resources for more strategic pursuits.
  • Improved customer experience: AI-powered tools can personalise member interactions, enhance engagement, and address concerns efficiently.
  • Data-driven decisions: AI facilitates data analysis, providing valuable insights to optimise your business strategy.


  • Job displacement: While AI can automate tasks, it's crucial to remember that human expertise and interpersonal skills remain irreplaceable in the fitness industry.
  • Privacy concerns: Ensure the AI tool you choose adheres to strict data privacy regulations and operates ethically (i.e. GDPR).
  • Overreliance: AI is a powerful tool, but it shouldn't replace your own decision-making and critical thinking skills.

Final tips - Selecting and using AI tools

  • Identify your needs: Start by identifying the specific areas in your business that require improvement, then seek AI tools that address those needs effectively.
  • Research and compare: Don't jump on the first AI tool you come across. Thoroughly research different options, and compare their features, pricing plans, and user reviews. Look for tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing software and suit your specific budget.
  • Start small: Begin by implementing AI in a limited capacity. Pilot a specific tool in one area of your business, assess its impact, and then gradually expand its use if successful.
  • Focus on human interaction: Never lose sight of the human element in your business. AI should complement your existing operations, not replace the personal touch and expertise that you and your staff provide.
  • Prioritise data security: Ensure the chosen AI tool has robust security measures in place to protect your members' data.
  • Seek continuous improvement: Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your AI tools. As your business evolves, adapt your AI strategy accordingly.