Common problems gym owners face


At LegitFit we have years of experience in the fitness industry from all different perspectives. We have spoken to thousands of gym owners, members and enthusiastic and we see the same problems over and over again and we know how to help. We see people at every stage of their career struggle with not having enough time. 

Common problems and how we can help:  

Not enough time 

Time as a business owner is your most valuable asset, you can’t scale effectively if you don’t have the necessary time to put into your business. Often what we see is business owners getting bogged down in admin work. Having to manually book clients in for classes, manage memberships, and handle payments the list is endless. Looking to the future, if you want to scale you need to have these tasks automated. It will free you up to focus on other aspects of the business while having the added benefit of giving you a smoother customer journey and a better overall experience. 

How we help: 

We handle all of your admin work for you. A large amount of the work that bogs gym owners down can be automated while still keeping that personal touch. Through your integrated timetable you can allow customers to book into classes and take payments. Thanks to our broadcast message feature you can communicate with all of your customers at once. No more reaching out to them on different platforms. Not only does this make your life easier by reducing stress it also saves you time and money. 

Multiple systems in place 

It’s no secret that to be successful in business you need to be efficient in everything you do. From how you communicate with your customers to where you store all your data. Many gym owners handle all of these processes on multiple platforms making it difficult to track in the long term and ultimately hard to manage. This can lead to a less professional experience for the customer and more stress for the business owner. 

How we help: 

Keeping all of your operations in one place has many benefits for your business. The more obvious ones are the reduced stress and money saved that we have already touched on. Another one that people miss is tracking. Keeping everything in one place makes it much easier to track in the long term. With our custom dashboard, you can track your finances and customer data all in one place. This allows you to make smarter more informed decisions about your business.

Painful switchover and support 

We all know the pain of trialling a new system, it can be a risk for your business as not only do you have to like it but so do your customers. It can be a pain to switch from one software provider to another especially when you have a large base of customers. Not to mention that when you do have an issue support can be non-existent leaving you feeling alone and frustrated. These reasons alone are why many gym owners suffer in silence with a subpar system that they are overpaying for and are not happy with. 

How we help: 

LegitFit is built from the ground up based on your feedback. It is designed to be as easy to use as possible with a colour-coded design that allows customers to check what classes are available at a glance. It doesn’t come easier to use than that. Our onboarding process has been perfected over the years, after hundreds of onboardings we know exactly how to get you up and running as painlessly as possible. This is why we upload all of your client data for you and help you set up your system. We have also ensured that you won’t wake any sleeping members with this switch thanks to our stripe integration you can switch members without needing to contact them! 

How to switch: 

Switching over to LegitFit couldn’t be easier, simply fill in your details below and one of our product specialists will be in touch. In the meantime feel free to browse our other content as we have lots of useful tips & tricks for gym owners to help you save time and money!