Brad Byrne

Benefits of a studio management software

You continually balance your time and resources as a studio owner to manage your fitness business. It's both incredibly fulfilling and challenging to run a successful studio. Daily operations and admin can take up a lot of time when you operate any kind of business.

The fitness business has an astonishing amount of moving parts. Therefore, if you can discover a way to streamline your processes and streamline your operations, you can save time, money, and the chance of human error. Creating a fantastic member experience, handling payments, and establishing a secure fitness environment are all balancing acts in studio management. The ultimate objective is to make revenue and run a thriving business. 

Studio management software can ensure your business runs smoothly. While there are numerous features to a studio management software we have listed some of the most important below:

Why you need a studio management software:

Streamlined admin and payments

The two major advantages of studio software are the automation of payments and the streamlining of administrative tasks. You will save more time and effort than you might imagine by having all the tools and capabilities necessary to manage and schedule lessons online, pay your staff and collect payments from clients, and keep track of everything that is going on in your business. Prioritizing the customer experience and the caliber of your offerings will enable you to attract new members and keep current members. Any disorganized papers or spreadsheets will be a thing of the past thanks to the thorough activity feed not to mention the numerous reports you can run at any moment.

A way to forecast income for months to come

Late or missed payments are one of the quickest ways for a business owner to begin to have issues with their customers, and vice versa. Business owners don't want to have to go looking for their customers, and customers don't want to constantly be asked, "Did you pay?" before and after each session. Without software that can automatically and timely collect your clients' payments, you risk losing out on vital revenue that could fall through the cracks and won't be able to monitor if your business is expanding. Choosing software with reputable payment processors will easily fix those problems and give you a way to predict your income for the months ahead and even look back at previous months.

Flexibility to manage your business from anywhere

You can easily manage your business from anywhere with our web-based software. To access your dashboard, you don't have to be in the studio or the gym. Simply log in to our website from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access all of your tools, features, clients, and staff. You can have the ability to check how your business is doing from anywhere in the world anytime you want. This gives you an unparalleled sense of freedom and unlocks new doors for you and your business. You can run your business whenever you want and take it with you wherever you go.

Get to know your clients

With our studio management software, you have the ability to not only generate reports on revenue to help you better understand your business. You also have the ability to identify your customers by certain attributes. This will allow you to forecast any customers that may be dropping off, giving you the ability to check in with them ahead of time to avoid churn. With LegitFit you can also identify your most profitable customers, showing you who is most valuable to your business. You can then use this information to make sure these customers are happy and your business is thriving. 

Your customers can book any time anywhere

Don’t be limited by traditional methods. With a studio management software, you have the ability to allow your customers to book in anywhere and anytime without having to get involved. You can simply post your timetabled classes, sit back and relax as they fill up. You will be notified once a class fills up & customers who want to join that class are added to a waiting list. This will ensure that should somebody drop out of the class, that new slot will be immediately filled. Making sure you don’t miss out on potential revenue. 

Switching from another studio management software provider to LegitFit

Here at LegitFit we take all of the heavy lifting out of switching from another software provider. We make it as easy as possible for you without waking any of your sleeping members. We know that this is oftentimes a source of stress for a business as your software is a fundamental part of your daily operations. For this reason, we have developed a seamless onboarding flow that we have become well known for. To find out more for yourself simply click here to book in for a chat.