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Take control of your martial arts studio and take it to the next level! Save over 10 hours per week by automating your administration tasks, enhancing online payments, and online class scheduling with

LegitFit - your all-in-one studio management software.

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A group of people sat in a circle watching two people grapplingA group of people sat in a circle watching two people grappling
Online Bookings & Payments

LegitFit is your online studio booking software. Get bookings and payments all on one centralised platform

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Memberships Management

LegitFit is your studio membership software. Easily manage all of your member’s needs with our all-in-one studio software.

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Public Timetable

Acquire new customers with LegitFit's shareable timetable. Grow your martial arts studio business!

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Analytics & Reporting

Measure your studio success with powerful analytics about your online bookings, payments, and clients.

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A semi-busy gym floor A semi-busy gym floor
Don Maguire - Don Maguire Fitness Gym

"LegitFit adds an air of absolute magic…"

"LegitFit adds an air of absolute magic to the way we do things here. We have a new bodybuilding style gym which is made all the more comfortable for the everyday John & Jane Doe to enter by the shear ease of access and brilliant UI that LegitFit provides. 10/10 would recommend to any fitness business."

What We Do

LegitFit is a leading studio management software, used by over 10,000 customers in 40 countries. We’ve helped our clients reduce cancellations by 47%, retain more customers, and save on average 1 hour every day.

With LegitFit scheduling software, your students will be able to book classes, discover your offerings and pay for classes online - all in one location!

Through our feedback and messaging services you can ensure progress, success, and engagement with each and every student. Ensure retention and growth by monitoring attendance and managing memberships. Leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most - your students!


Gyms & Studios That Trust Us

Our leading software is everything you need to run & grow a successful fitness business. Save time, stress less, and do more with LegitFit!

Powerful Studio Memberships Tools

Make bookings easier with the LegitFit studio booking system!

Give your clients control through the sharable timetable where your clients can book one of your group classes or purchase memberships from anywhere and at any time!

Booking notifications and reminders will increase attendance rates, and reduce no-shows keeping your martial arts group classes full!

Create, amend and review your studio’s bookings to advance your services for your clients.