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We have helped hundreds of businesses cut-down countless hours... let's find out if we can do the same for you!

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The Webinar

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Webinars are usually run once a week and are limited to 10 participants. If you don't get into this week's webinar, we'll be sure to send you an invite for the next available session!

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What you'll learn:

We've created these weekly webinars so that more businesses can find out if our management software is right for them!

Our core focus will be to explain...

How LegitFit works?
What's the benefit of having business software? (The €10k Problem)
How LegitFit is different from other business management software
How we help customers set up from scratch
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How we help customers transition from another provider in less than 1 hour!
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Here’s answers to our most common questions

Do my clients have to pay anything?

No, absolutely not! LegitFit does not charge your clients anything to access the software or app.

Why does my business need gym management software?

Trusting in a gym software solution means you spend less time performing menial tasks. It's also an opportunity for you to diversify your revenue streams and strengthen your brand. When it comes to getting serious results for your business, LegitFit's gym management software is the number one choice.

Will I lose customers as part of the switch?

We will import everyone for you and advise on the best steps to communicate with customers. Sometimes there is a learning curve but over time you will find you have happier clients because they will find their software easier and more friendly to use.

Will gym software grow my business?

A fitness management software tool helps to boost revenue by reducing overhead, upselling new services, and improving your retention rates. The coaching and engagement tools enable you to offer an unparalleled service level that your members will keep coming back for.

How quickly can I be up and running?

The time to beat is less than a day, so it’s mostly on you 😉 . As soon as you sign up for an account, you will have access and can start going through the Setup Worksheet to get the system configured for how you want to run your gym. In-app Guided Tutorials, In-app Chat and about 350 help docs should get you unstuck from any roadblocks.

Can I talk to a human?

For sure, start a chat in the lower right corner of this page if you have additional questions you need answered.

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Prefer a more bespoke approach?

Book a call with one of our team to talk about your specific needs when it comes to software.

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