Take Control of your Dance Studio

Don't spend hours doing tedious work that can be done in a matter of minutes. LegitFit streamlines your administration, scheduling, and more, so you have more time in your day to spend growing your Dance business.

Virtual Events

Create Online events using your favorite video calling platform (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams).

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Public Timetable

Acquire new customers through our shareable timetable. Grow your business with minimal effort.

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Direct Messaging

Simplify and centralise communication with your client using LegitFit’s Instant Messenger.

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Measure your success

Get powerful analytics about your payments, bookings and clients to help you analyse and better your business and your clients.

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Mi Fitness

"LegitFit move was the best decision I made!"

I moved to LegitFit for a lot of reasons but primarily I wasn’t happy with the very expensive service I wasn’t getting from my previous provider, Glofox. The LegitFit platform is easier to use, set up and works more efficiently. Having used 2 diff platforms over the last 8 years, moving to LegitFit was a no brainer for the level of customer service alone. To top it all this company is still in the early stages and already offers established gyms what they need, all the things they keep adding and updating are bonuses. If your looking for a platform to run your fitness business on it, then you have found it.

Online Bookings - Simplify, Maximise, & Analyse

Make bookings easier and give a little control to your dancers. Through your new shared timetable your dancers can now book classes or purchase memberships from anywhere and at anytime.

Booking notifications and reminders will increase attendance rates, keep your classes full, and have your dancers ready for the floor. Create, amend, and review your bookings to advance service options for your dancers.


Businesses That Trust Us

Our leading software is everything you need to run & grow a successful business. Save time, stress less, and do more with LegitFit!

Services & Payments - Create, Automate, & Proliferate

Grow your dance classes through packages or recurring memberships with easy access, viewing, and purchasing for all your members.

Make payments effortless with an integrated system for automated membership renewals, once-off payments, and online account management.

Analyse payments over weeks, months or years. Monitor incoming payments to discover your popular classes and services, and watch as your students dance and your business grows.

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