Membership Management

Personalise, Engage, & Retain

Through their own individual LegitFit account, each of your bootcamp goers can book your sessions, discover your offerings and pay - all in one location. Through our personalised feedback, goals, and messaging services you can ensure progress, success and engagement with each and every member. Enhance retention and growth by monitoring attendance and managing memberships, leaving you with more time to focus on creating tougher workouts.

Online Bookings

Simplify, Maximise, & Analyse

Make bookings easier and give a little control to your members. Through the shared timetable your members can book one of your sessions or purchase memberships from anywhere and at anytime. Booking notifications and reminders will increase attendance rates, keep your bootcamp full, and leave you to focus on getting people fit! Create, amend, and review your bookings to advance you services for your members.

Services & Payments

Create, Automate, & Proliferate

Grow your bootcamp business through packages or recurring memberships with easy access, viewing, and purchasing for all your members. Make payments seamless with an integrated system for automated membership renewals, once-off payments, and online account management. Analyse payments over weeks, months or years. Monitor incoming payments to discover your popular classes and services, and watch as your bootcamps and business grows.